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Pub gaming Thursday, May 24, 7:30 PM

We had 3 of us last week, hoping for 2-3 more next week.

Please reply here if interested, and specify your preferred location:
1. Teddy's Tavern (colorful environment, plenty of beer, okay to get a bit rowdy)
2. Pub at 3rd Place (better lit, better tables, bookstore upstairs)
3. Pies and Pints (those pretzels, those pretzels, and the little gas fireplace)

Now I'm tempted to make a little comparison chart of the three places... but that's the caffeine talking.

Last time we played Pack of Flies and Showbiz Shuffle, and oldmangrumpus pretty much cleaned house.

By next week I should have Sucking Vacuum in hand, and if not, we've got a ton of other things I'd like to try in the pub:

There's a Moose in the House
Marrakesh (with some modifications to make it a bit more strategy-oriented)

Also, after this gaming session, I'm going to start my first geeklist on Seattle pub play...

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EDIT: This is next week, not tonight
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