irrationalRobot (irrationalrobot) wrote in seattlesettlers,

Pub Gaming, July 12, Pub at Third Place

Pub gaming went so well at Die Bierstube, that I thought I should do it again. I'll be there by 7:00, and they are open until 2... we'll see how long I stay, but with my wife and kiddo out on vacation, I should be able to hang around until midnight or later if there is enough interest. :)

This time though, we'll try the Pub at Third Place again. While the pub environment isn't as lively, we are much more likely to have enough light, and shouldn't have a hard time finding a decently-sized table (which was great for Jenga).

I'll bring Marrakesh (I really want to try the variant this time!) and Cartagena, others are welcome to bring whatever (just bear in mind it will need to be pretty easily teachable unless we arrange ahead of time to have people who already know there).
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