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Beserk Games - Game night coordinator

This isn't a formal announcement.

I went to Berserk Games in the Greenwood neighborhood yesterday, and was talking to the guy behind the counter. (The owner? I'm not sure.) There is an incredible amount of board games there, and he mentioned that they have a 1,000 games in the store.

I asked if they have game nights or those kinds of activities where people could come and play games (and basically try different kinds of games.) He mentioned that they do that for Magic already, and are interested in doing that for board games, but they were hoping someone in the community would organize it, and then Berserk Games would offer the space (for about four tables) and games to play.

I thought this sounded really interesting though, and they definitely sounded open to having a regular game night. It would be good for them since it encourages people to not just come to the store, but stay for a while, and also builds up an active gaming community with the store as a main part of it. People who come get the benefit of being part of a community based around their hobby or interest (board games), get the chance to meet new people, and also get the chance to try new games without having to shell out $45-$70 for a game they've never played before.

So, I wanted to throw this out there for someone who might be interested in coordinating a regular (monthly, weekly, whatever works) game night. It sounds like there is already a willing partner with lots of games to share. It would just need someone to step up and help pull it together and advertise. (This community can also be a help with that.)

Anyone interested?
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